Migrating from v1.2 to v1.3

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Migrating from v1.2 to v1.3

In ct.js v1.3, a concept of a camera was introduced. Previously, the viewport was moved by changing parameters ct.room.x and ct.room.y. These are now read-only, and moving the viewport is made by changing ct.camera parameters.

The camera has additional features like scaling, rotating the viewport, and adding the screen shake effect.

It also introduced the concepts of game coordinates and UI coordinates. Shortly, "game coordinates" are those you were using before — they are for stuff placed in a game's world —, and "UI coordinates" are exclusively for UI layers. More on this here.


  • instead of ct.room.x, use 0 for UI and ct.camera.getTopLeftCorner()[0] for game coordinates;
  • instead of ct.room.y, use 0 for UI and ct.camera.getTopLeftCorner()[1] for game coordinates;
  • instead of ct.viewWidth, use ct.camera.width for UI and ct.camera.getBoundingBox().width for game coordinates;
  • instead of ct.viewHeight, use ct.camera.heght for UI and ct.camera.getBoundingBox().heght for game coordinates.

For their combinations, like ct.room.x + ct.viewWidth, better use camera's special functions and parameters. For example, ct.room.x + ct.viewWidth is ct.camera.width in UI coordinates and ct.camera.left in game coordinates (though you will need to use ct.camera.getTopLeftCorner and ct.camera.getBottomLeftCorner while working with rotated cameras).


If you are making UI, better use automatic alignment and UI layers, which are described here, as they are more powerful tools when working with screen coordinates.


You should also consider using ct.camera.moveTo and ct.camera.teleportTo to move the camera. Read about their effects here.


ct.viewWidth and ct.viewHeight are still working, but are deprecated and reflect ct.camera.width and ct.camera.height values. ct.view* will be removed in the next major version.

Besides that,

  • use ct.camera.follow instead of ct.room.follow;
  • use ct.camera.shiftX and ct.camera.shiftY instead of ct.room.followShiftX and ct.room.followShiftY;
  • use ct.camera.drift instead of ct.room.followDrift;
  • use ct.camera.borderX and ct.camera.borderY instead of ct.room.borderX and ct.camera.borderY;
  • use ct.camera.borderX = ct.camera.borderY = null; instead of ct.room.center = true;.

Changes in built-in modules

ct.mouse and ct.touch now have additional methods and parameters, e.g. ct.mouse.xui and ct.mouse.yui, ct.touch.hoversUi. See their docs for the full list of new parameters.