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    Notable changes and additions in ct.js v4

    New sound editor and sound engine

    These two couple together greatly and let you effortlessly create randomized sounds with no code (except for'YourSound')!)

    Base classes for templates

    Now your templates may be based not just on animated sprites but also on nine-slice patches, text labels, dynamic buttons, or empty containers. You can place and edit them as regular copies both in a room editor and in-game. More base classes coming after the v4 release!


    A new scriptable asset type that you can use to define shared logic for rooms and templates. You can add behaviors to any template or room at any time, and most of the time even add or remove them dynamically!

    Asset folders

    A real file-like project structure with nested folders and one asset browser.

    settings API

    API for in-game change of framerate cap, hi-DPI and scaling mode!

    UI tools for the room editor

    Additional tools for base classes plus tools to create flexible UI layouts for various game resolutions.

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    Set up a dev environment to run a local docs server and use simple Markdown syntax to write new tutorials and send fixes.

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