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Welcome to the official ct.js docs!

Learn ct.js, complete tutorials, and contribute to ct.js documentation

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Learn JavaScript

Games made in ct.js can use JavaScript, or simply JS, to code their gameplay logic. Learn the needed part of it in our little Introduction to JavaScript.

Learn Catnip

Catnip is ct.js' visual programming language. Learn how to write scripts in Catnip fast🔥 and correctly🧑‍🔬 in our three-chapter guide.

Complete tutorials

The best way to learn is by making, and you can create real games with our step-by-step tutorials:

Learn the core library

See additional methods and properties of copies, camera, and rooms, and procedurally create tilemaps, backgrounds, and new copies.

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Get the cheatsheet

Available in English, Russian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese languages.

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    Notable changes and additions in ct.js v5

    Catnip — new visual programming language

    Catnip is a new programming language made specifically for ct.js, in which you compose game logic with command blocks. Examples translated to Catnip are already bundled with your ct.js copy!

    New asset type: Typefaces

    Typefaces replace Fonts and allow adding multiple font files in one font family, easing programmatic use of text labels and integrating with styles more tightly.

    Bitmap Text base class and bitmap text support in Buttons and Textboxes

    A new base class allows utilizing exported bitmap fonts without additional code and placing crisp, pixel-perfect UI elements in the UI editor.

    Join the Community

    Join our Discord server to meet other game developers, receive help, aid others, and share your creations. Alternatively, you can also post on our forum.

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    Set up a dev environment to run a local docs server and use simple Markdown syntax to write new tutorials and send fixes.

    You can also edit docs on Github — look for "Propose edits" links at the bottom of each page!

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