# Background class

Here you will find properties that allow changing speed, position, repeat pattern and parallax effect of backgrounds in-game, among other properties like tint and alpha.

# Positioning and movement

Each background has these properties that set how background is positioned in the viewport:

Property Type Description
shiftX number How much to shift the texture horizontally, in pixels.
shiftY number How much to shift the texture vertically, in pixels.
movementX, movementY number

The speed at which the background's texture moves by X and Y axes, wrapping around its area.

The value is measured in pixels per frame. It also takes ct.delta into account.

parallaxX, parallaxY number

A value that makes background move faster or slower relative to other objects. It is often used to create an effect of depth.

1 means regular movement, values smaller than 1 will make it move slower and make an effect that a background is placed farther away from camera; values larger than 1 will do the opposite, making the background appear closer than the rest of object.

isUi boolean Set it to true for backgrounds that are added to UI layers. It is needed for proper alignment of background layers.
repeat string One of 'repeat', 'repeat-x', 'repeat-y', or 'no-repeat'.

# Removing a background

Similar to types, a background can be removed with bg.kill = true;, where bg is the backgrond that needs to be removed.

# Other interesting properties

Backgrounds inherit lots of properties and methods of PIXI.TilingSprite (opens new window), and there are some you can find useful:

Property Type Description
alpha number Opacity of the layer between 0 and 1. 0 is fully transparent, 1 is fully opaque (default).
tint number (hex value) The color of the background. 0xffffff is white (default), 0xff0000 will make it red.
blendMode PIXI.BLEND_MODES (number) How to mix the background with the rest of the world. Defaults to PIXI.BLEND_MODES.NORMAL. Can be one of:
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