# Free gamedev resources

# Assets

# Graphic assets

# Free sounds

# Free music

  • Kevin MacLeod — a full-time composer who has published over 2000 compositions, most of which are made available for others to use using the Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0 license.
  • Freesound. Check the license for each music piece.

# Learning

# Ct.js

# Game Design

# Game development in general

  • Ask Gamedev on YouTube — a group of game industry veterans that make videos on the game development industry and how to make video games.
  • Design Doc. Yep.
  • Game Developer Conference recordings on YouTube — various talks on every gamedev topic.
  • Game Design with Michael — they teach game design theory and talk about the ins and outs of game design so that you are equipped to analyse, discuss and create great games.
  • Game Dev Underground — The science, art, and business of making great games.
  • Miziziziz makes games, hosts game jams, talks about game development. His videos are short and concise, but useful.
  • The game Overanalyser — this channel explores the stories, themes, design and art of gaming.

# Pixel art

# Tools

# Animation

  • DragonBones — create skeletal animations and import them to ct.js. Read more about working with DragonBones animations in our tutorial.
  • Synfig — Open-source 2D Animation Software.

# Graphic editors

  • Krita — A graphic editor for artists that also has most features from Adobe Photoshop.
  • Gimp — Ye olde monstrosity for raster editing.
  • Inkscape — Ye olde vector editor.
  • Figma — though it is a prototyping and UI design tool, it has powerful capabilities for vector and is great for illustrations and cartoony game sprites. CoMiGo's go-to graphics tool. Works in a browser and as a desktop app.

# Pixel Art focused editors

  • Aseprite on GitHub — yes, it is a paid app, but did you know you can compile it by yourself for free, and that it is absolutely legal? If you don't want or can't build it by yourself, check LibreSprite, a fork of Aseprite.
  • Piskel — a free online pixel art editor. Supports both animations and layers.
  • Lospec Pixel Editor — another online pixel art editor. Supports layers.
  • Lospec Procedural Pixel Art Generator — an interesting app that creates variations of sprites based on randomized pixel placement.