This object allows you to create new Copies and manipulate them.

Copies' parameters

Each Copy has these parameters:

  • x, y — its location;
  • xprev, yprev — location of a Copy in a previous frame;
  • xstart, ystart — coordinates at which a copy was created;
  • uid — unique identifier for the current room;
  • spd — movement speed;
  • dir — movement direction (from 0 to 360);
  • grav — gravity force;
  • gravdir — gravity direction (from 0 to 360);
  • depth — drawing layer;
  • type — the name of the Type from which a Copy was created;
  • frame — current drawing frame number;
  • imgspd — animation speed (frames per room frame, 0 by default);
  • transform — can be either true or false. Tells whether a Copy should be transformed while drawing. The actual transformation is set by these parameters:
    • tx — horizontal stretch;
    • ty — vertical stretch;
    • tr — rotation (from 0 to 360);
    • ta — opacity (from 0 to 1).
  • graph — the name of graphic asset to use.

Deleting Copies

To delete a Copy, simply set its kill parameter to true.

Example: delete a Copy, if its health is depleted

if (this.health <= 0) {
    this.kill = true;

Note: OnStep code will still be executed until the drawing phase.

Copies' methods

Draw the current Copy in its place


Draw a Copy in a specified location

this.draw(x, y);

Move a Copy according to its 'spd' and 'grav' parameters


Add speed vector to a Copy in a given direction.

this.addSpeed(speed, dir);

Methods and properties of ct.types

ct.types.copy(type: String, x, y) and ct.types.make(type: String, x, y)

Creates a Copy of a given Type. If x or y is omitted, they are set to 0.

ct.types.each(func: Function)

Applies a function to all the active copies.

Example: destroy all the copies within a 150px radius

var me = this;
ct.types.each(function () {
    if (this !== me) { // aren't we trying to destroy ourselves?
        if (ct.u.pdc(this.x, this.y, me.x, me.y) <= 150) {
            this.kill = true;

ct.u.pdc computes distance between two points. This and other similar functions can be found here.

ct.types.with(copy: Copy, func: Function)

Works like ct.types.each, but only for the specified Copy.


Returns an array with all the existing copies of the specified type.

Example: make an order to destroy all the 'Bonus' Copies

for (var bonus of ct.types.list['Bonus']) {
    bonus.kill = true;

This can be also written as following:

for (var bonus of ct.types.list.Bonus) {
    bonus.kill = true;

ct.types.addSpeed(o: Copy, spd, dir)

Adds a speed vector to a given Copy. This is the same as calling o.addSpeed(spd, dir);

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